Problem: Create a 120,000-square foot five-floor facility for a New York Family Office in which all components including Architecture, Systems, and Furnishings are specifically designed to suit the needs of this worldly philanthropic organization.

Solution: The two-story center of headquarters faces the Hudson River and three other Manhattan exposures integrate the urbanity of the city and the first New York installation of a James Turrell. Three-dimensional “Egg” is a sculptural element both positive in form and a void. The architecture responds to the form at its edges in plan, section, and elevation. Beneath the “Egg” like form is the public meeting area and three-story vertical circulation links three of the floors perpendicular to the large glass fenestration with Hudson River views. With the exploration of transparency, volume and sectional connections the generous spaces are paralleled with need for open society.


Corporate / Development

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Michael Moran