Sutherland Furniture®, a leader in the international design industry and the preeminent provider of luxury furniture for modern lifestyles, introduces Continuous Line, a new collection designed by the renowned SheltonMindel®. One of three new collections introduced by Sutherland in the spring of 2017, Continuous Line is named for its clean lines and seamless connectivity of premium teak wood. The collection makes its debut with two new pieces: a teak lounge chair and a chaise.

Continuous Line

Named for its clean lines and the seamless, flowing connectivity of the wood, the Continuous Line collection makes its debut with two brand new pieces by renowned design firm SheltonMindelSM. Inspired by the organic modernist style of architect and designer Alvar Aalto, the collection is driven by the principles of simplicity and nature, as well as the rigors of form and function. This dynamic combination guides the collection. Every component is vital and works in harmony—nothing can be added, nothing can be taken away. Unflinchingly unique, bold and striking, Continuous Line is simultaneously a minimal and beautifully honest design statement.

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